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About us
Sodexo is a worldwide leader in Quality of Life services. We have developed unique expertise, backed up by nearly 425,000 employees in 80 countries across the globe. Sodexo Bulgaria has been operating on the Bulgarian market since 2003 with a team of professionals. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of life of companies and organizations from all business sectors in Bulgaria. This is why we have developed and added to our portfolio of services – Sport Pass.

What is Sport Pass?

Sport Pass is a sports card, which employers can offer to their employees as a complementary social benefit. Sport Pass card gives access to a diverse network of hundreds of sports clubs and sports activities on the territory of the entire country.

How does Sport Pass work?

Once you receive the Sport Pass card from your employer, you gain access to doing sports once a day in a chosen location from the sport clubs network. You only have to choose the activity you would like to try, the location, which is convenient for you and show your Sport Pass and an ID when entering the club and you are ready to go.

How can you obtain a Sport Pass card?

Sport Pass is a corporate service and as such it can only be used by the employees of companies that have signed a contract with Sodexo Pass Bulgaria. If you are a manager and you would like to motivate your employees, you are ready to invest in the health and active way of life of your team, please contact us to receive an individual proposal for Sport Pass, based on the needs and goals of your business! If you are an employee and Sport Pass has not yet been offered in your company, you could easily and quickly recommend your employer to us, by filling our contact form here

What access does Sport Pass provide?

With Sport Pass you gain access to a network of more than 600 sports clubs and hundreds of activities, which you could try on the territory of the entire country. You can take a look at the entire sports clubs network here

Who are the partners of Sport Pass?

In the heart of our success lie ethical principles which we abide by in our everyday work: loyalty, respect for people, transparency in business. Sodexo Bulgaria adheres to the same standards, by applying constant and strict internal monitoring and different mechanisms which develop and manage the services that we offer in a way corresponding to the requirements of Sodexo Group. By observing this policy, when working with partners, we establish lasting and successful partnerships with the best clubs, locations and chains in Bulgaria.
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