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„Sodexo“ – Sodexo Pass Bulgaria EOOD, having its seat and registered address in the city of Sofia, Mladost 4 Housing Estate, 1 Business Park Sofia Str., block 12, floor 1, entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under Unified ID Cide 131085380 – provider of the Services listed below;
„Card“ – a personal (registered) “Sport Pass” card, which gives the respective Cardholder access to the Services listed below. Basic Card is the card that the respective User has the right to use as a worker/employee of his/her employer – based on the agreements reached between this employer and Sodexo. An additional Card is the card that the Cardholder can apply for regarding a relative – when the conditions agreed between his/her employer and Sodexo allow this;
„Services“, „Service“ or „Program“ – preferential conditions for sports activities on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, such as fitness, wellness, recreation, relaxation, etc., detailed on the web pages of spots clubs and discount network.
„User“ or „Cardholder“ – an individual who holds an active Card that has been issued to him/her personally;
„Partner“ – a merchant providing Services in its Facilities against a Card presented by a User. All Partners together form the „Partner Network“;
„Facility“ – any premises or establishment listed at any given time on the web pages of spots clubs and discount network, in which Services are provided.

1. These Rules of Use are applicable to all Users of the Program and upon receipt of their Card they agree with them and undertake to abide by them when using it.

2. The User is entitled to use his/her Card only once a day for only one of the Services provided in the given Facility for that day. The Users may use additional services not included in the Program or more than one Service per visit provided they are paid additionally and directly to the Facility under the standard tariff of the Partner. Card use is forbidden beyond the period for which a subscription has been paid, as well as for Services and Facilities that are outside the package for which the User has paid. Any violation of the rules of this article is a reason for immediately closing the relevant customer profile/account and deactivating all cards and purchased packages associated with him/her.

3. In order to use the Services in the Facilities of the Partner Network, the Users shall submit their Card during each visit, together with their ID card to verify their identity. The employees of the Facilities are authorized to verify the ID documents of the Users only for the purposes of verifying the identity of the relevant User and only in connection with the use of the Services.

4. The User shall carry his/her Card on his/her person at all times. The Card may not be kept or used in any way by persons other than the person whose data is on the face of the Card – including, but not limited to, in the following circumstances: to be left for safe-keeping, to be sold, assigned, leased or given away, etc. Any violation of the rules of this article is a reason for immediately closing the relevant customer profile/account and deactivating all cards and purchased packages associated with him/her.

5. In case of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the Card, the relevant User shall immediately notify Sodexo by e-mail at sportpass.svc.bg@sodexo.com or at tel. 0700 40 700. In case the User does not notify Sodexo in due time for the lost or stolen Card, he/she will be fully liable for the entire amount of damages suffered by Sodexo in connection with the possible use of the Card by third parties. A duplicate Card may be issued upon payment by the User of a reissue fee of no more than BGN 15, inclusive of VAT, exclusive of delivery costs, which shall also be at the expense of the User. The User shall also owe the payment of this reissue fee in any other case when it is necessary due to the fault of the relevant User, e.g. in case of misspelled names of the Cardholder.

6. The User shall make an advance booking if required. The Partners may refuse access to a Service for which there are no vacancies. A visit may be limited in time according to the rules of the relevant Facility for the given type of sporting activity.

7. The Services may be used during the working hours of the relevant Facility of the Partner Network for the specifically indicated sporting activities and under the other terms and conditions applicable to the relevant type of package, including any possible additional payment specified (after selecting the relevant package type) at any given time for the relevant Facility on web page of sports clubs or respectively on the web page of the discount network . Such additional information can be found by clicking on the Find More button of the relevant Facility. Such terms and conditions are subject to change and although we make every effort to keep this information up to date, updating such terms and conditions may take some time. At any given time you can request the current terms and conditions by e-mail at sportpass.svc.bg@sodexo.com or at tel. 0700 40 700, as well as on site at the relevant Facility

8. If the web page of the relevant Facility (accessible after clicking on the Find More button after selecting the relevant type of package) does not state otherwise, the visits shall be individual and not organized, as well as without a trainer, except for the sports activities that are naturally carried out in a group basis and/or with a trainer. As a rule, group training is carried out on a fixed schedule of the relevant Partner. When the necessary equipment is not provided free of charge by the Partner, it shall be provided by the User or paid directly to the Partner at the standard tariff of its Facility. The visits to Services that are offered indoors during the cold season (indoor tennis court, covered football field, etc.) may require an additional payment, even when this is not explicitly indicated for the relevant Facility.

9. For group sports the Card entitles only the Cardholder to preferential terms and conditions with regard to visits. In case of renting a court for racket sports (tennis, badminton, squash) by two Cardholders, each of them shall use the preferential terms and conditions provided to him/her. If only one of the visitors presents a Card, the remaining visitors shall pay the proportional remainder of the court rental fee.

10. The User shall comply with the rules of the Facilities used by him/her, in which he/she uses his/her Card, and Sodexo shall not be liable for any accidents suffered or other issues that have arisen while using the Services in the Facilities.

11. The promo codes that are entered into during the ordering process are temporary and are also dynamic and bound to the terms and conditions that the relevant promo code provides to the User only at the time entering the same. Upon subsequent use the same promo code may give the User different terms and conditions or may be totally inactive. For example, upon subsequent use the entered code may allow the issuance of a different number of Cards and/or allow the reloading of subscription packages to a limited number of already issued basic or additional Cards. The arrangements between Sodexo and the employer of the relevant User shall directly reflect the terms and conditions offered to the end user, in view of which Users may inquire about the terms and conditions the Program that directly concern them and directly with their employer.

12. The Card is property of Sodexo and the Users are not entitled to make any unregulated factual and legal actions relating to the Card, including, but not limited to, deliberate changes to the design, violation of its integrity, etc. When the reason for using it has become redundant, Sodexo is entitled to require the relevant User to return the Card – e.g. when the relevant User is no longer a worker/employee of the employer, by virtue of which agreement with Sodexo this User has received his/her Card and access to the Program.

13. Sodexo offers the Service in its entirety and not with regard to specific Facilities or sports activities. If necessary, Sodexo is entitled to change the list of Facilities of the Partner Network, as well as the specific terms and conditions for visiting the relevant Facility. For an up-to-date list of Facilities the Users shall regularly review the lists of sports clubs and the discount network.

14. A User who has received a promo code from his/her employer is not entitled to provide his promo code to others, to grant access to his client profile to others, and to designate another person as the holder of a client profile and/or as a cardholder of a basic Card – neither upon initial registration nor upon any subsequent change. Issuing or charging an additional card cannot to be applied for if the basic Card to which the relevant additional Card is associated does not have a monthly subscription purchased for the same period. Any violation of the rules of this article is a reason for immediately closing the relevant customer profile/account and deactivating all cards and purchased packages associated with him/her.

15. Sodexo is entitled, as a result of an inspection carried out, to classify as fraud any use of a Card by a person other than the one specified as a holder, as well as registering a Card at a Facility without any real visit in order to be used for its intended purpose. Sodexo reserves the right to also classify as fraud any other obvious willful misconduct and circumvention of these Rules of Use, as well as of the General Terms and Conditions. In the case of qualifying a particular act as a fraud, Sodexo has the right to retain the relevant Card through its representative until the circumstances of the case are clarified.

16. Any violation of any of these Rules of Use and of the rules of the General Terms and Conditions, including where this is not explicitly stated, entitles Sodexo to immediately block the relevant Card for an indefinite period, to close the relevant customer profile/account and deactivate all cards and packages associated with him/her.

17. Sodexo is entitled to withhold the payments already received in its favor that represent the subscription fees paid by the User who has been excluded from the Program due to his/her fault, in which case they are not subject to reimbursement, whether the paid period of use has expired or not.

18. Sodexo is entitled to refuse to reissue a Card to a User when the termination has been due to this User’s fault for violating these Rules of Use or the General Terms and Conditions, as well as to deactivate such a Card if it has been established that it has already been issued.

19. If Sodexo needs to contact the User, an e-mail address provided by the relevant User or by its employer will be used by Sodexo for making contact, and the e-mails sent to that e-mail address will be deemed to have been received at the time of their receipt at the User’s e-mail address without the need for explicit confirmation of this.

20. The User is entitled to refer any disputes concerning the application of these Rules of Use to the EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform for Consumer Disputes.

21. These Rules of Use shall be subject to ongoing unilateral changes by Sodexo at any time and shall enter into force within 3 days of their publication, in view of which the Users shall monitor the same for any changes.

Last updated: 08.02.2018


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